Cookie Daze

Cookie Monster
Photograph by Jean Cornelius

Ripon’s Cookie Daze Celebration is a day of fun (and cookies!) for the entire family. Join the Cookie Monster at Barlow Park on August 6 from 10:00 1:30 p.m. for this mostly free family event.

Cookie Daze is a day to celebrate the fact that on July 11, 1992, Riponites worked together to successfully bake the biggest cookie the world had ever seen. Thirty-five-hundred pounds of dough contained 3.8 million chocolate chips and took 2 1/2 hours to bake in a custom-made oven. The World’s Largest Cookie measured 34 feet in diameter!

Kids of all ages have been attending this sweet celebration of all things cookie for over 20 years. Cookie Daze activities include cookie decorating, cookie bingo, cookie crafts, face painting, food booths, inflatable bounce house, cookie blaster rocket ships, and much more.

Be sure to sample the many delicious cookies at the Bake and Taste Competition, or better yet, enter the competition with your best cookie recipe. Guest judges will determine the award-winning cookies based on taste, appearance, creativity, and uniformity. Spectators will vote for the coveted People’s Choice and Best Presentation Awards.

The annual “Cookie Drop” is the event’s most anticipated activity. Children wait eagerly for the Cookie Monster to pull a rope that releases thousands of individually wrapped cookies from a large bucket at the top of an aerial fire truck. After the cookies fall to the ground, children rush in to gather as many as they can. Some of the cookie packages will be marked as prize winners, with the grand prize being a new bicycle. Every child participating is sure to go home with many cookies and many happy memories.

For more information about this event, contact the Ripon Chamber of Commerce at (920) 748-6764 or visit .

Suzi Zaiki is a freelance writer.