daiseye owners
Photograph provided by daiseye

An individual’s morals have forever been an edge held by the consumer over the seller. That edge is mitigated when there’s lack of competition in the area, forcing consumers to shop in places they might fundamentally disagree with on ideas concerning best practice. This is why it’s so important to support local businesses that listen to consumers over pushing market trends. And for those who value sustainability and the preservation of our environment, historic downtown Princeton has a gem in daiseye.

As per their mission statement, Jessica and Matt Greget of daiseye offer unique, earth-friendly, and fair-trade products while educating shoppers about global responsibility. Whether a piece of wall art or a bamboo/organic cotton-blend Santorini skirt, there’s no question that the product was created with the environment in mind. Their products are organic, made from recycled and reclaimed materials, and always come from a manufacturer utilizing energy-efficient practices. In addition, no animal, human or otherwise, was knowingly exploited when creating the products daiseye enthusiastically places for sale.

Photograph by Barbara Wilson

And that enthusiasm comes through in talking with Jessica. “I don’t think my store is really cookie cutter. It’s got a creative side to it.” She’s very proud of the store’s selection and appreciates the opportunity to put her personal tastes on display. Through chosen clothing lines, Jessica is able to reflect her admiration for the countries of Peru, Nepal, and India. The apparel, alongside an eclectic mix of jewelry and accessories as well as dog and cat items, highlights a palpable theme in daiseye, but to give it a name…Bohemian? Hippie chic?

Either way, it works, and that’s because Jessica and Matt complement each other’s strengths. “Matt is more of the business side, and I’m more of the fun and creative side,” says Jessica. Matt’s been running the numbers behind daiseye since its inception in October 2002. He’s a Princeton native, born and raised. From the community and his education at the University of Wisconsin–Green Bay, Matt’s environmental awareness played no small role in defining the vision of daiseye. It’s always been about reclaimed items, and when Jessica joined the team six years ago, clothing and a global cultural element was added to the mix.

If it happens to be the month of April while you’re in Princeton, Jessica invites you to stop by and see the sturgeon spawning just off the back porch. It’s something she loves sharing with customers and visitors alike.

There’s a lot of value consumers add to Princeton by supporting daiseye. As part of Travel Green Wisconsin, the store brings eco-minded tourists to the area. And money spent in the city’s shops often recirculates back into Princeton’s economy. Every purchase means something different for the customer, but for Jessica and Matt, it means the opportunity to continue sharing their message of conservation and preservation through wares that are fashionable and mindful to cultures around the world. Educational, sustainable, and a bit irie, daiseye pairs well with Princeton.

Kyle Jacobson is a freelance writer and senior copy editor for Green Lake Magazine.