Enhancing the Lives of Animals and People Through Education, Adoption, and Compassion

Pet from Animal Shelter
Photograph by Jean Cornelius

The vision of the Green Lake Area Animal Shelter (GLAAS) is a community in which all pets are considered part of the family; are provided with compassionate care, companionship, and training; and are spayed or neutered.

Fundraisers are key to supporting the shelter. There’s a win-win opportunity to help the shelter by cleaning out your closets and basement and donating to an early summer rummage sale. The Dog Walk, held during Ripon’s Septemberfest event, is September 21. Dogs, their owners, and people who love to see dogs in costume are welcome at Ripon’s Village Green for dog contests, raffles, and a walk on the Northwestern Trail. Top pledge earners for the walk win prizes.

Adopting from GLAAS saves the lives of two animals—the one adopted and the one moving into the empty space. An open admission shelter, GLAAS accepts and places primarily dogs and cats, but can help with any animal issue. If they can’t take an animal, they can find a rescue that can.

Staff examines, assesses, and provides veterinary care for pets daily. They talk with potential adopters to create successful matches. Most animals end up in shelters not because of abuse or bad behavior, but because of “people” reasons: divorce, a move, lack of time, and finances.

GLAAS relies on donations for vaccinations, medicines, heat, utilities, payroll, building maintenance, and veterinary services. A wish list of needed items is on their website and includes cleaning and pet and office supplies. Donations can be made online. Volunteers are needed for cat and dog socialization, cleaning, office work, and event assistance.

Many pets are waiting at GLAAS to be loved and to bring comfort, happiness, wonder, and laughter to your life. Visit in person or online at glaas.org . The shelter is located near Green Lake just east of the intersection of Highways 23 and 49 on Busse Drive. Call (920) 294-3042 and like the shelter on Facebook to stay up to date!

Jean Cornelius is a freelance writer.