Photograph provided by Andy Johnson at The Fried Egg

Golf is a game of risk and reward, a game once banned in 1457 for being a distraction from archery, and a test of patience—because who wouldn’t use tiger-sized litter boxes to defend a gopher hole? It’s my favorite bar sport that’s not technically a bar sport. Whether played at a highly competitive level or enjoyed while hanging out with friends and drinks, you’ll find the Green Lake area offers courses you’ll want to play over and over again.


Renowned for its challenging Links course and adored for its scenic Woodlands course, The Golf Courses of Lawsonia has a proven legacy over its 90 years of existence.

The Links course holds true to its name with firm and fast playing surfaces. Golfers find that in links-style courses they have to play the terrain more than they’re used to because their shot will run out much farther. Aiming in front the green is often preferable, and a slight dogleg can lead to a rough shot.

The Woodlands course boasts the type of golf Midwesterners are used to. Shots through trees, around water, and over the hills we go. It’s the right mix of fun and challenge with a lot of opportunities for those shots that make you want to play one more round.


Three nine-hole courses make up what some consider Wisconsin’s best-kept secret. With ever-immaculate maintenance, Mascoutin’s courses are fast and true. You’ll find memorable holes, like the 8th on the Blue Course, and plenty of birdie opportunities. The Club is also noted for its outings and junior programs.


Touted as Wisconsin’s oldest course, Tuscumbia Golf Course offers history and great play for the entire family. There’s the traditional 18-hole course, featuring tight fairways and small greens, and the Family Links 9-hole, par-3 course, great for golfers young and old—not to mention a convenient way to get in a quick round.


Hills, woods, and ponds stand in your way to what some golfers consider the fastest greens around. The Sondalles White Lake course is challenging for any skill level, making a birdie or par that much more rewarding. Worst case scenario, some free-roaming peacocks should take the edge off a double-bogey kind of day.

Kyle Jacobson is a writer and senior copy editor for Green Lake Magazine.

The Golf Courses of Lawsonia

in Green Lake Conference Center
W2615 Valley View Drive
Green Lake
(920) 294-3320

Mascoutin Golf Club

W1635 County Trunk A
(920) 361-2360

Tuscumbia Golf Course

680 Illinois Avenue
Green Lake
(920) 294-3381

Sondalles White Lake Country Club

W1680 Country Club Drive
(608) 297-2255