Caring For Big Green

group cleaning up river
Photograph provided by Green Lake Association

Green Lake holds the title as Wisconsin’s deepest natural inland lake at 237 feet deep and features 27 miles of shoreline, eight public boat launches, three public beaches, and endless opportunities for fun. From lounging on the shore to fishing for trout, kayaking the open waters, and sailing across the frozen lake in an iceboat, Big Green Lake provides excitement all year round.

Green Lake brings people together and makes the community a vibrant and thriving place. With thousands of visitors each year, Big Green Lake is the common thread connecting all who reach its shores.

It’s critical that future generations care for and preserve Big Green Lake not just for the residents or visitors, but also for the many plants and animals (even bugs!) who rely on this incredible ecosystem. That’s what the Green Lake Association (GLA) has been doing since its founding in 1951.

Photograph provided by Green Lake Association

As a not-for-profit, member-funded organization, the GLA has a singular focus on protecting and improving Green Lake’s water quality. The GLA actively works year-round on projects that aim to address the lake’s main challenges of low dissolved oxygen and excess phosphorus pollution—both of which can impact recreational use of the lake. Phosphorus pollution in particular can lead to an increase in the growth of weeds and algae, which are definitely not fun to swim in.

Through membership dues and donations, the GLA is able to fund and support initiatives that aim to protect, restore, and preserve the lake, including aquatic invasive species removal and prevention, stream restoration, promotion of agricultural conservation practices, facilitation of scientific lake studies, and educating the public on how to care for the lake.

Together, we can make a difference for Green Lake. Whether you call Green Lake home or it’s your favorite vacation spot, you can help care for this beloved natural resource every season.

If you’d like to help care for Big Green Lake all year round, consider becoming a member or volunteer— both help protect our beloved lake! To learn more about the GLA, membership, volunteering, or events, visit or call (920) 294-6480.

Jennifer Fjelsted is the communication and project manager at Green Lake Association.

Calendar of Events

Annual Meeting: Saturday, June 18, at Heidel House Hotel

Annual Gala: Saturday, July 30, at Heidel House Hotel

Lake Facts

Max Depth: 237 feet

Shoreline: 27 miles

Number of public boat launches: 8

Number of named streams flowing to the lake: 8

Length: 7 miles

Width: 2.5 miles

• WINTER: Reduce salt use—just one 12-ounce mug is enough to treat 10 sidewalk squares.

• SPRING: Install a rain barrel to help prevent runoff into the lake.

• SUMMER: Reduce fertilizer use and never use fertilizer that contains phosphorus (it’s the middle number on the bag and should read ZERO).

• FALL: Keep your leaves out of the road and lake—they contain phosphorus that hurts water quality.