Whooping Crane Festival

Whooping Crane
Photograph provided by the International Crane Foundation

Since 2014, the Princeton Whooping Crane & Nature Festival has played a key role in educating the public about the endangered whooping cranes that reside in the nearby White River Marsh State Wildlife Area during the spring, summer, and fall months. Over the years, the festival has expanded to include information and presentations about not just the cranes, but nature in general—specifically the habitat of these beautiful birds.

The event’s featured presenters include crowd-favorite children’s edutainer David Stokes and his live critters as well as several others. The art and craft fair will return, boasting the talents of area vendors with nature-themed works. Something will be available for all ages, including creating garden stakes and other children’s activities, Cheryl Murphy’s gorgeous harp playing throughout the day, lunch sold by the Princeton Lions Club, and more.

Friday and Sunday of that weekend allow for festival attendees to explore the Princeton area on their own and see what the great outdoors has to offer, such as canoe trips and birdwatching as well as downtown shopping.

See the full schedule of events at princetonwi.com or visit the Princeton Whooping Crane & Nature Festival Facebook page as the day draws nearer!

Alyssa Paulsen is a freelance writer.